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The PQ-520 is grain moisture tester continuously measures the moisture of a sample one kernel at a time, thus making it possible to accurately determine the moisture distribution of the sample and preventing uneven moisture caused by inadequate drying.

Measurement method: Electrical Resistance Method
Product downloads: PQ-5203 brochure, PQ-5205 brochure, PQ-5203 manual, PQ-5205 manual
Product type: Moisture testers, Grain and seed
Accuracy: ± 0.5% (moisture less than or equal to 20%)
Display data: Selected grain type, average moisture value, kernel count, time, moisture distribution (histogram)
Display format: Fluorescent tube
Measurement range: PQ-5203: Milled & Brown rice 11-20%, Paddy rice & naked barley 11-35%, Barley & wheat 10-40%. PQ-5205: Milled, parboiled, jasmine milled, sticky milled & brown rice 11-20%, Paddy & naked barley 11-35%, Wheat & barley 10-40%
Measurement time: Less than 40 seconds per 100 kernels (measurement of brown rice, time for display of average moisture value)
Sample volume: 10-1000 (Selectable)
Temperature correction: Automatic instrument temperature correction using a thermostat
Operating environment: 5-4 0°C, less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
External communications: RS-232C interface, USB (for PC)
Accessories supplied: Scoop, Tweezers, Power cord A or Power cord B
Options: Printer (VZ-330 w/VZC-14 cable), Data logger software (PDL-01)
Power supply: 100-120 V AC/220-240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions: 320 (W) x 254 (D) x 382 (H) mm
Weight: 9.0 kg

Barley, Inspection, Rice, Wheat



The PEARLEST Grain Polisher was specifically designed to polish Rice, Barley and Wheat. Removal of  Bran is required for reliably measuring Rice density, checking for damaged, rotten, or red-rust grains, or for determining whether glutenous and non-glutenous Rice have been intermixed. The Pearlest is also useful for grain fullness inspection or testing for selective breading.

Product type: Inspection instruments
Sample weight: Brown Rice: 10 g/30 sec., Barley: 10 g/60 sec
Power supply: 100-220 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions: 95 (W) x 130 (D) x 160 (H) mm
Weight: 2 kg

Barley, Moisture testers, Wheat



AN-2000WB can easily measure the moisture and protein content of wheat, barley and soybeans. For soybeans, it can also measure oil content. As the analyzer utilizes the near infrared penetration method, sample preparation, such as crushing, etc before measurement is not required. Simply by placing the sample in the sample case and inserting this into the measuring chamber, the sample is measured automatically. An automatic elevating mechanism moves the sample case, measuring different parts of the sample and an average value is displayed after about 20 s.

Applications: Wheat, Barley, Soybeans (optional)
Measured components: Moisture, Protein, Oil (Soybeans)
Measurement method: Near infrared penetration method (720 – 1100 nm)
Product downloads: AN-2000WB brochure
Display: Dot matrix backlit LCD
Measurement range: Wheat: moisture 8-20%, protein 6-16%(CM13.5%); Two-rowed barley: moisture 9-20%, protein 6-15%(DM); Six-rowed barley: moisture 8-20%, protein 7-13%(DM); Soybeans (optional): moisture 6-20%, protein 25-40% (DM), oil 15-27%
Measurement time: Approx. 75 s
External communications: RS-232C interface
Power supply: 100 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions: 510 (W) x 380 (D) x 270 (H) mm
Weight: 9.2 kg