KJT-230 NIR composition and moisture meter

The KJT-230 is a desk-top NIR Moisture Meter.

Measurement of samples with rough surfaces
To accommodate samples with rough surfaces, the KJT-230 uses a rotating sample turntable. This allows a large area of the samples to be measured and averaged.

Automatic zero adjustment function
When no sample is present, the instrument automatically makes a zero adjustment every 10 seconds to eliminate any possible drift.

Measurement of samples using a container with a glass cover
If a sample is likely to quickly lose or gain moisture, it can be placed in a sample cup with a glass cover. The light emission and reception axis are inclined, hence there is no specular reflection of light from the glass.

Measurement of liquid samples
Glass slides and covers are available for measuring jelly and slurry samples whose glossy surfaces make measurement difficult. The covers can be cleaned after measurement, thus highly viscous samples are not a problem.

Convenient automatic measuring mode
In automatic mode, the turntable begins rotating immediately after the sample is placed on it and the measurement begins. When the measurement is completed, the turntable stops and the results are displayed.

External output feature
An external Printer can be connected directly to the KJT-230 to print results, or a Personal Computer can be connected to store the data in a file.

Measurement diameter
ø 20 mm
Measurement distance
120 mm ± 5 mm
Analytical curve selection method
Key-in, communications line
Approximate expressions
Linear, quadratic, and cubic equations of analytical curves
7-segment LED
Display data
Moisture content value, absorbance, other data
Display refresh cycle
0.3 seconds
Light source
Tungsten lamp (standard life: 20,000 hours)
Time constant
6 settings (0 to 16 sec.)
Number of analytical curves
Self diagnostic function
Error code display
Response time
2 seconds
Automatic zero adjustment
Operating environment
10-40 °C, 0-80% RH
External communications
RS-232C, D-SUB25P-M
Accessories supplied
Sample containers with glass covers 60 mmf, 18 mm (3 x) Fuse 1A
Optional accessories
(KJT-230)-GSC Sample cont. w/cov., -BSC Black sample cont., -CBL RS-232C cable, -LIQ Glass slide & cov., -RST Printer cable, -PRT Thermosens. printer, -PC JE-230 software, -PLA Flattening plate, -CVR Light-shield cov., -REF-S Diff. ref f75 mm, -MIL JTmill
Power supply
100-240 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption
36 V A
230 (W) x 265 (D) x 305 (H) mm
9.0 kg